The Great Casino Slots Debate

Are the Best Slot Machines Located Online or at Your Local Club/Pub/Casino?

There’s no denying that pokies, slots, fruit machines and casino slot machines – which by the way are all the same thing depending on what part of the world you are from – and no matter what you call them, if you enjoy a punt on the pokies or a session on the slots then you probably want to know if the online equivalent is….well equivalent.

Why Do We Play Casino Slots in the First Place?

I would love to be able to answer on behalf of everyone but one of the appeals of the slot machines, and gambling in general is the fact it appeals to us all in completely different ways – in fact it is this very fact that results in a certain percentage of players turning this fun into something they cannot control. In fact I believe it is close to 6% of people who enjoy having a punt on the pokies that tend to take this enjoyment too far and ruin it for themselves and everyone else – good one?! Sheeesh.

But let’s be frank – well you can be Ryan or James if you prefer (whatever) – but the reason the majority of us play t he pokies is because we enjoy the escape – it isn’t just the pretty lights, nice music, imagery, sounds and ambience of the casino overall – it’s all of that – and the encompassing package it creates…. The issues of course is that as Casinos and clubs get bigger and reep more profits from these pokies they tend to do anything and everything to encourage their use. Sadly this has resulted in instances of problem gambling actually increasing as Clubs (under the guise of a Not-For-Profit organisation like the RSL) put in place any and all legislation that will encourage the revenue and profits from pokies….. and the players who enjoy the slots for the amusement only lose out – and the clubs that perpetuate this problem profit.

Not For Profit? You Mean Not For People!

Biff Tannen Pleasure paradise

As the clubs sit back and count their profits the communitiees they purport to serve count the damage . …. and all the while advocates for online gambling are treated like they hate this country and have no idea of the impact it will have. Mybe that is the case but surely its better than the current situation, where Clubs and Pubs continue to put profits over people – and the perpetuation of problem gambling continues unabated.

Play Online Slots and Avoid The BS

I suppose the biggest and most obvious advantage to playing slots and casino games online is that you can avoid the BS that seems to accompany real world casinos and other local establishments. Further more, when you play and enjoy freeslots and casino slot machines from home you enjoy a Return to Player Rate that is at least 10% better than what your local pub would (or could) ever offer

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