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Whether you love to hate them or hate that you love them, slot machines are here to stay and it seems they are making the transition to online casinos incredibly well.  And it doesn’t matter what you call them – because at the end of the day they all operate the same way and therefore can be understood and sometimes even beaten the same.

With that in mind, and considering the fact the internet is already overrun with misinformation and dodgy tips relating to slot machines, casino slots, pokies, poker machines, fruit machines or one armed bandits – and so we thought we would add to it…. JOKING!

Here you will find links and resources relating to gambling, addiction, playing the slots, beating the slots, and some slot machines facts that will have you shaking your head. We’ve also thrown in some awesome world records and a little bit of history – you know, in case you’re feeling nostalgic at all. We here at FreeSlots urge you to kick back and make yourselves comfortable, then prepare to be educated and entertained – even if it’s for a moment.

slot machine tips and resources

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may lady luck shine her gluten free fortune on you

may lady luck shine her gluten free fortune on you