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Onslot machine secrets - the ultimate free slots resource this page you will find resources and links to help you get better acquainted with the slot machines and pokies you ‘THINK’ you already know quite well – and in so doing we’re going to systematically uncover every little strategy, trick, tip, myth and theory surrounding pokies and slot machines and get these one armed bandits to spill their dirty little secrets – and hopefully their coin hoppers too!
***********It’s time to uncover those Slot Machine Secrets once and for all!************

The first thing I bet you are asking is how, if possible – does one beat the slot machines and learn how to win at slots? I mean what good is a resource who’s sole purpose is to divulge all the slot machine secrets if it cannot provide the basics around How to Beat Slot Machines and ultimately How To Win on Pokies?! Well can I let you in on a little secret? But you gotta promise not to tell anyone.

Can You Keep a Secret? I Bet You Can 😉

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If course you can – I’d definitely bet on it, but then I find any excuse to bet these days. Actually – part of this epic resource on Slot Machines includes a look at where the best bets are and which machines (if any) payout the most. We’ll also show you how to pick a winning slot machine so that the odds sway in your favour before you’ve even pressed a button or wagered any money! But the secret! Right…

OK you listening? Come closer…

There is no trick, method, or system that will help you beat the pokies and slots. The algorithm that controls the reels/spins and subsequent results cannot be influenced by any outside source and no amount of voodoo or witchcraft is ever going to change that fact! Sorry.

But before you throw your tablet or laptop across the room in disgust or shock at the brutal honesty of it all, know that by the end of this Ultimate Slot Machine Resource we will indeed have touched on various Slot Machine Strategies that can help you you to increase your time spent playing, decrease the total outlay (amount spent), AND increase your odds on each and every spin – guaranteed. And that’s as close to a genuine Winning Slot Machine Strategy you’re ever going to get. (And I’ll definitely bet on that fact!)

Now we could sit here all day talking about theories and methods to beating the slots but if we really want our one armed bandit friend to divulge all her dirty secrets we need to get her to open up – maybe there’s some clue to unlocking her secrets and beating the slots once and for all within her circuitry.

The Secrets Are INSIDE The Computer?!

slot machine secrets are inside the computer Zoolander

Before you can claim to know everything there is to know about pokies and slot machines you need to have a good understanding of how they work. Once you get some insight into what the computer inside is doing and how the Random Number Generator is producing results (completely independent of the last and the next one) you begin to realise that my brutally honest statement above rings painfully true – and then maybe you can approach the task of figuring out how to win at slots from a logical and much more rational place.

See The Image Below for the 10 second dummies guide to understanding how slot machines work and follow the links provided underneath to read the full article and learn exactly how slot machines work, what the algorithm and Random Number Generator does, and how Pokieshave been designed from the ground up to keep you playing and turn you from part time punter to full time addict.

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  • How Do Slot Machines Work Exactly? – We look at the inner workings of the modern slot machine and discover what (and who) makes them tick.
  • How Pokies Work – although technically a Slot Machine, we focus on the pyschological side of gambling and uncover how these perfidious pokies are designed from the ground up to cause Addiction and keep you playing
  • Slot Machine Odds – Now that we’ve examined the Algorithm that controls the results we can get a better understanding of what our odds of winning are – and they don’t look good guys.
  • How To Pick a Winning Slot Machine – Understanding how slots work provides us with the insight and knowledge necessary to make educated decisions about which machines to play and where the best odds and chances of winning are. Within this article we also share secrets on what slot machines payout the most and which are the best slot machines to play

The Only Slot Machine Strategy You’ll Ever Need

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Big call maybe but since the slot machine strategies we’re discussing today are based on logic and level headed reasoning and have come off the back of a thorough understanding of how the things work and what goes on inside it is hard to fault the points being raised. You cannot argue with logic after all (it’s why my wife is always right) and as such I challenge you to find a more honest and BULLSHIT FREE Slot Machine Strategy Guide. Below you will find information, links and resources that will teach you how to beat slot machines and learn how to win at slots… slightly more than you have been previously at least 😉

  • How To Win at Slots – The Ultimate Guide to increasing your odds and reducing your total spend. Oh and we’ll also increase your multiplier per bet while we’re at it!
  • How To Win on Pokies – Check out my own personal 243 Ways to Win – a system I have used for years to improve my odds playing Aristocrat Reel Way style games with the 243 paying lines across 5 reels.

We’ve Got More Slot Machine Tips Than You Can Poke a Stick At!

Did someone say Poke? oh sorry, got excited momentarily..
More Amazing Links and Resources Showing You How To Win At Slots and Pokies as well as hints and tips on increasing your odds and enjoyment are provided below. If you wish to poke a stick at them to test my theory then you’ll need to provide your own… stick that is. Mind you if you have a good theory on how to win on slot machines then by all means, please share it in the comments below.

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And before we part ways allow me to share with you some incredibly eye opening and interesting data surrounding slot machines and what the true odds are. You can find the original source article and more information around Slot machines and the true odds of winning by following the link below

The Secrets of a Slot Machine

What the Industry (and the State) Doesn’t Want You to Know – By Dennis Bailey

Even if the machines pay back 89%, that still means the house wins. A lot. It keeps 11-cents on every dollar. So let’s do the math: if you play a dollar machine for an hour, about 800 spins, you’ll put $800 into the machine.

The fact that casinos refuse to disclose the odds of winning on each slot machine (and the government doesn’t require them to) should be a warning. When McDonald’s runs a contest, it is required by law to disclose the odds of winning each prize.
The same is true of the state Lottery and Powerball. But not casinos, which treat the odds as classified trade secrets. Why? Because if people really knew how bad their odds were, they probably wouldn’t be so anxious to play. A typical slot machine might display three spinning reels. Each reel has about 20 symbols – a cherry, a lemon, a blank, etc. One symbol on each reel is the jackpot symbol. It would be reasonable to assume that since 20 x 20 x 20 equals 8,000, a person’s chances of hitting the jackpot are one in 8,000. Reasonable but wrong. In fact, the odds on today’s computerized slot machines are far worse. That’s because a slot machine is programmed for many more stops than the 20 symbols visible on the reel, something like 256 stops on each reel. Inside each slot machine is a tiny computer chip that generates random numbers all the time, even when the machine is not being played. When the button is pushed or the lever is pulled, the computer stops on three numbers, one for each reel, and those random numbers (once the internal computer does some calculations) correspond to the symbols on the reel and determine where each reel will stop. For example, the numbers one through 66 might correspond to a blank between the symbols, and 67 through 77 is a lemon or a bar, and so on. Obviously, more numbers correspond to lower paying symbols than higher paying ones. Only one or two numbers, 255 and 256, are the jackpot symbol. Because the losing blank lines above and below the jackpot image correspond to more of the random numbers than other images, a player is most likely to hit the blank stops right next to the winning symbol. This creates the deceptive impression that they “just missed” the jackpot, which encourages them to keep gambling. In reality, of course, the proximity of the actual stops is meaningless. And the reels are weighted: you are much more likely to hit the jackpot symbol on the first and second reels than on the third, again to deceive you into thinking you came close to winning and keep you playing. So the odds are really 256 x 256 x 256 – about 1 in 17 million, or roughly twice the odds of you becoming president. And for some machines, the odds go even higher. By keeping this a secret and refusing to disclose the odds, the casino industry benefits from our own ignorance. Let’s face it – we’re all math deficient in this country. So when you start talking about the laws of probability and random numbers and odds – all the things that govern the operation of slot machines – people’s eyes glaze over. People really think, for example, that slot machines get hot or cold, that if a machine hasn’t paid out in awhile, then the chances are higher that it’s going to hit the jackpot. Wrong. The world just doesn’t work that way. Your chances of winning are the same on every spin, regardless of whether the machine has just paid out a jackpot or hasn’t paid one out in months. Remember, it’s all random. And another thing: the game is over the second you push the button. While the player sees three reels spinning around and finally stopping on a symbol or a number, that’s just a time-wasting simulation to make the game more exciting – and seductive. In fact, if you took the back off one of the modern video slot machines, you wouldn’t see any spinning reels at all, jut a TV screen and some computer chips. Where those virtual reels will stop spinning is determined the moment you push the button and generate the three random numbers. Everything after that is just an illusion to deceive the player. After all, it wouldn’t be much fun if you pushed the button and the words “You Lose” instantly popped on the screen. While the casino industry doesn’t expect most people to understand all this, you would hope that our legislators, the people in charge of deciding whether we have slot machines in Maine or not, would. But they don’t. In fact, legislators have demonstrated over and over again a startling lack of knowledge about the operation of casinos and slot machines and a downright indifference to the facts. During a debate last year over a racetrack casino for Washington County, the Senate discussed the payout percentage of slot machines, which can range anywhere from 85% to 98%. In Maine, it’s 89% (no bargain compared to the 94-97% payout of most Las Vegas slots), but that’s a most misunderstood figure. During the debate, Sen. Debra Plowman of Hampden said, “We’re looking at an 89% payback. That’s mandated. Eighty-nine percent of what comes in has to go back out. When you are talking about taking this money out of the pockets of people, there is going to be an 89% return. When I go buy a ticket to the movie theater do you know how much money they give me back when I leave? They don’t give me part of my entertainment dollar back. If you are going to be entertained, and you object to paying full-price for your entertainment, then we ought to look at a bunch more laws, when you have to give back 89%.”6 Wow. If our Legislators really think that putting a dollar into a machine and getting 89-cents back is some kind of bargain, then I’ve got some land in Florida I would love to sell Sen. Plowman.

At an 89% payback, you’ll be losing $88 an hour. Ouch. So much for getting some of your “entertainment dollar” back.
Multiply that by 1,500 slot machines at the casino, and it comes out to $132,000 in losses – or $132,000 in income for the casino – in just one hour! See why no one bothers to rig these machines?

But it gets worse. The real problem with Sen. Plowman is misunderstanding what the 89% payback really means. Has she ever played a slot machine? Who gets 89-cents back on every dollar played? People are walking away from Hollywood Slots every day having lost hundreds of dollars. So what’s this payback figure really mean? The 89% payback is what the slot machine will theoretically pay back after an infinite number of spins. In other words, over millions and millions of pulls on the lever, after maybe 10 million spins, the machine on average will have paid back approximately 89% of what it took in. (Actually the required 89% payback is the average of all machines in the casino, so the payback on many individual machines could be substantially lower). The payback is based on a 300-year-old mathematical principle called the Law of Large numbers. (This is where the eyes begin to glaze over.) Think about flipping a coin. We all know that when you flip a coin, there’s a 50-50 chance that it will come up heads. Which means that half the time it should come up heads and half the time it will be tails. But you could flip a coin 30 times right now and 25 of them might be tails and only five of them are heads, so how can the odds be 50-50? This is where the Law of Large numbers comes in. Over time, maybe after a million flips, about 500,000 of them will be heads and about 500,000 of them will be tails – 50-50. But it doesn’t work out that way with 10 flips or 50 flips or even 1,000 flips, and it’s the same with slot machines. On the first thousand pulls of a slot machine, or 10,000 pulls, or a million pulls, that 89% payback can deviate by as much as 50% or more. That’s why a machine can go months, even years, without paying out a big jackpot, while another machine might pay out two jackpots in a row. This Law of Large numbers – and our own ignorance of the laws of probability and averages – is the key to understanding why slot machines are so heavily and deceptively weighted in the casino’s favor. And it’s why CasinosNO! opposes and will continue to oppose the spread of casino gambling in Maine. Slot machines are a raw deal. Like pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes and three-card monte – all of which are illegal – slot machines are a classic rip-off. They are legalized theft. They promote a nothing-for-something economy – taking money from area businesses, car dealers, restaurants, and putting it in the hands of out-of-state casino developers. And when our legislators join in on this dishonorable and deceptive enterprise for a piece of the action, they are reduced to nothing more than Las Vegas sharks in snakeskin suits. Call me old fashioned, but I truly believe that government should care for people and look out for their welfare. Instead, just like the casinos, it’s playing them for suckers.